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# 1 My PVP Boot Camp Healer Build
12-08-2012, 04:57 AM
Hi first I would just like to say that this is my opinion and that every person should play how they like to play and have fun. This is my build for the PVP Boot camp or just general PVP healer build.

A little about me I started playing STO at head start and am currently a life time member. I did take a break from the game around Seasons 3 and 4. From the start I have always played Engineer/Cruiser/Healers in PVP and few times as a Tactical/Escort but I like to stick with what I am good at. I also love min/max to get the most out of my builds.

Now before I tell what my build is I would like to explain how I think as a Healer.

First, Healer vs. Tank: I think there is a big difference between healers (counters damage) and tanks (takes damage). You can only take damage if you are being shot at which in PVP if someone has a chance to shot a cruiser or an escort/science they will go for the softer target escort/science. Think of it this way PVP=healer, PVE=tank.

Note: Great > Good > Ok > Poor > Bad

Second, Healer vs. dps: I think a cruiser can have a good dps build but it is because they can stay in the battle longer and more than likely they didn?t heal their escort friend which is now dead (dead people don?t do damage). A cruiser can never be a great dps build, because they can?t do as much spike damage. The damage a fully buffed great dps escort can do in a few seconds takes much much longer for a cruiser to do.

Third, jack of all trade master of none.

Now for the information.

This will be my build, I don?t have or can?t get all of these items yet but I will as soon as I can. A person can just match them as best as they can.

Ship, Science Odyssey

Bridge Officers
Commander Engineering, Emergency Power to Auxiliary I, Extend Shields I, Emergency Power to Shields III, Auxiliary to Structural III.
Lt. Commander Universal, Polarize Hull I, Hazard Emitters II, Transfer Shield Strength II.
Lieutenant Science, Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength II.
Lieutenant Tactical, Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Delta I.
Ensign Universal, Engineering Team I.

Duty Officers
Three Very Rare Damage Control Engineer, Chance to reduce the time for all Emergency Power to subsystem abilities to recharge after use. 35% chance: Recharge time reduced by 30%
Two Very Rare Projectile Weapons Officer, 20% chance: Improve recharge time by 5 sec


Front, Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo, Omega Plasma Torpedo, Transphasic Torpedo [Acc]x3, and Hyper-Plasma Torpedo.
Rear, Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo, Kinetic Cutting Beam, 2 Transphasic Torpedo [Acc]x3

Devices, Subspace Field Modulator, Prototype Ablative Jevonite Hardpoints, Large Shield Battery, any
Deflector, Positron Deflector best you can get with the modifiers EM and SIF. Note if you can get one that also has ShdS or Stl plus the first two do it.

Shields and Impulse Engines, Adapted MACO (Honor Guard)

Engineering Consoles, 4 Very Rare Mk XII SIF Generators.

Science Consoles, 4 Ultra Rare Emitter Array Mk XII. Two with the hull heal proc and 2 with the shield heal proc, all with increased threat generation

Tactical Consoles: Assimilated Module and Zero-Point Energy Conduit.

Ok now that you know how I build my ship let me explain why I set up my build up this way.

Some of the PVPers are going to say I should be using some Neutronium Alloy Engineering console and some Field generator science console. They are tank console and I use them in PVE all the time but they don?t do anything for me if I am not being shot at. Also my SIF generators boost my heal powers which also have damage resistance in them. For a test I had on 4 Very Rare Mk XII SIF Generators then I use all of my skill that give damage resistance I got about 62%, then I put on 3 Rare Mk XI Neutronium alloy and one very rare Mk XII used all my power and I got 65%. So I got more resistance but I gave up 1000?s of points for healing. One other nice thing about having resistance in your powers is you can share with a friend (the one being shot at).

Power levels for Shields and Aux must be at 125. That?s why I have EPtS III and EPtA I but I only run one of each that is why I have the 3 Damage control engineers. With 3 it should give you almost 100% up time. You will end up a gap on and then but doing this opens up two boff slots. A note don?t waste power, the cap is 125 so if you 40 or 50 bonus power you don?t need it set to 100.

TT I and APD I are heals in this build. Give them out to others just as you would any other heal.

So let?s go over play style. First thing if you don?t have keybinds set up do so. It is too hard and slow to click with the mouse. I have my two EPtX powers and shield distribution on one keybind, all my team heals on other, all damage resistance and my team abilities on other, lastly I have MW, RSF, batteries, etc. on a fourth. I use the 3 row tray. Now put the pictures of your teammate almost in the middle of your screen so they are easy to see.

Finally after all the text I am going to give a few tips on playing PVP.

You will lose and die. You will win and die. You will die so fast sometimes you?re not even sure someone was shooting at you. Sometimes you will have 5 people attacking you and you will live.

When you start a match be the first one into to battle and try to go the enemy to wastes some damage buffs on you.

Tell your team that you are a healer and to stay close to you.

You can?t save everyone but you can sure try.

If a team mate has 3 full shields and one that is down with the hull dropping fast they don?t need shield heals they need TT and some hull heals.

Even if you use keybinds you can micro manage your powers if you have time
Healers aren?t for doing damage and you will most of the time do the smallest amount on your team. Just look at you heals it will make you feel better.

You have a big boat if you can run people over (ramming speed)

Never forget the people in PVP are trying to kill you and they might not be nice all the time, they are also good at team building and teaching.

I am sure I have missed a million things but never be afraid to ask questions.

also a small note NEVER fly a ship like this in PVE it would take forever to kill stuff.
I am @allenlabarge in game