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12-08-2012, 07:10 AM
After finally saving enought money to buy one of those uniform Pacs for my Main character i must say that i am disappointed (again) by cryptics work.

First, (as always) the Color palettes are almost uncompatible to other uniforms. For example if you choose black you get just some sort of grey. I don't get why they can't just give all uniforms the same color palette. I mean what's the point of giving us a tailor if they don't want us to be able to create something that looks good?

AGT Pants:

Second, the right arm textures are way too glossy and metalllic. There should be at least an option to make it matte and look like cloth! As it is now, it looks like a Gladiators Armor.
(which is not very Starfleetish, btw.)
Additionally the Combadge looks too Matte, lol. I think the responsible dev must have confused something here.


As reference:

As you can see, this gentlemens uniform doesn't look nearly as glossy as the thing we got in the Game.

These are all completely unnecessary little errors, which make this uniform look completely different to it's original. The responsible devs should correct this instantly. It wouldn't cost much time, but i am afraid the devs do little care about "finished" things.

For me this uniform is almost not useable (unlesss heavily modified). It is a huge dissappointment by the art team (or the responsible Dev), especially since we had to wait such a long time for this uniform. On the other hand i am not really surprised.

I just noticed, that you can't even use the Badge on other uniforms... even for cryptic this is really bad work.

Again, a big dissappointment.

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