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12-08-2012, 07:16 AM
I personally thought its in graphical issues, because the main point i gathered from the thread was there is a graphical problem in a romulan skirmish mission, i.e. the white 'tears' in space which eat frames per second :p (also appears in the borg red alerts)

I do kinda find a second point aimed at the player comunity/pvp comunity?, but its not explicitly expressed, i dont know what your unhappiness regards

"And then, along come a-holes who want to ruin my gameplay fun by completely lambasting me over not being able to comprehend the shorthand of the community."

If you mean there are people trolling you ingame, just add them to ignore, or if you get completely desperate, you can change the filters of chat (right click on the chat window) and remove public chat, but dont forget this is an MMO afterall MULTIPLAYER is important in the game :p