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12-08-2012, 07:26 AM
Personally i have nothing against that particular dance, so why not.
On a related issue: the whole tray bar should get a little attention, the constant shifts of buttons, etc + the way emotes are accessed in this game need improvements.

my idea: the ability window should have another folder with a list of emotes, that can be draged into the tray bar like abilitys can be now. There should also be a seperate folder for "ITEMS" (consumables), captain abilitys, tactical abilitys, sci abilitys and engineer abilitys.
I would love to have them more structured, and not in a scrolling list without color indication or some other method to highlight certain abilitys.
The color coding would already be great that some users custom made already.

so emotes accessable as buttons like abilitys and a more structured window for them.
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