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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Don't feel massive enough? Do a 10v10 PvP and see the problem with that.

If it's enemies you want, do the No-win scenario or a Foundry mission with lots of NPC enemies to shoot at.

Also, on the 360 degree maneuverability: Even if the starships in Star Trek didn't appear to obey some principle of gravity, we still wouldn't have that sort of maneuvering in this game. . .and for two good reasons. One, the game engine isn't designed for that. Two, human beings aren't designed for that. Do people have any idea how disorienting 360 degree combat mechanics would be through a 2D screen of limited capabilities?
I think you missed the point of what I said. I was not referring to the number of targets, or maybe I was but not by what you mean, for the most part I was talking about the ambiance of the encounters, there are too many weaker enemies and with the sound effects it makes the encounters feel tiny, little ships with tiny weapons shooting at other little ships, there should be fewer but more powerful enemy targets and sound effects should have a deeper resonance to give the impression of size.
On 360 degree maneuverability the game engine has nothing to do with it, you pitch up or down and you can fly in that direction, the only reason you can't go straight up or roll and invert is because of an arbitrary limit set on that degree of motion for the ships, not because the engine can't support it, Champions Online uses the same engine and has no such limitation on degrees of freedom, the only thing missing are roll controls, disorientation is not a factor, auto-righting is already built into the engine. How humans are designed is a non issue, humans have adapted well to operating aerobatic aircraft and spacecraft in the real world and the limitations of a 2D screen hasn't adversely affected players of fighter sims. That aside 360 flight doesn't bring anything of necessity to the game, 1 or 2000 foot long starships don't need to flit around like fighter jets, in fact it's less realistic if they do, but they could at least remove the limit on pitch angle so that ship can rise or dive without having to waste movement to get at targets above or below them.

All that aside, the real reason the game lacks a Star Trek feel is that Star trek isn't really about combat, it's about people, there is not enough interaction, not enough exploration, not enough puzzles and experiments, Scanning something should open a tricorder mini game that requires you to select parameters of the scan, repairing something should open a puzzle mini game that requires you to move and replace objects, but instead it's all go there, right click and wait, or shoot this, come here and collect reward, rinse and repeat.

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