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12-08-2012, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
All that aside, the real reason the game lacks a Star Trek feel is that Star trek isn't really about combat, it's about people, there is not enough interaction, not enough exploration, not enough puzzles and experiments, it's all go there, shoot this, come here and collect reward, rinse and repeat.
And all the attempts to put it in, had been a failure so far.
Interaction with NPCs get boring quite fast. You would need a single 20hrs Story to make it more interesting, but this is far too much work to implement it in a game like this.
Exploration, as it is designed, too. Go here, collect that, fly there collect that as well.
Puzzles/Experiments: All there is are minigames at the moment, and most of it gets boring after the 2nd run.

After all, it is combat (PvP) which offers the most alternation right now. To get more Star Trek Feeling, the game would have to be more like this one game from this other franchise, around 10 years ago. (This 20hrs+ Story Content Stuff, but it would take half an enternity to implement something like this, which is too long for a game like this, where people cry for new stuff every single week.)