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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
I'd be interested to see your build and ship set up, Im considering a Varanus to replace my B'rel Retrofit.
Probably open to mocking but what I use is:

Front: 2x Cannon + Torp (Chroniton and disruptor in this case)
Rear: 3x Turrets
Full Honour guard set. Although in future I might switch it to 2x honour guard 1x MACO shield. At the moment a full set of Borg is an idea I'm toying with.

Eng: Repair platform, Isometric charge (used to be aceton assimilator) and Plasmodic Leech
Science: Shield Consoles (Regen rate and Capacity buff), 2x Graviton Genrators.
Tactical: 1x Disruptor, assimlated module. I know I'm giving up DPS there, but it does allow me boosts to Crits, weapon power and Graviton Genrators. I might change it to a science slot.

Power levels: 75/25/25/100 Plasmodic leech + the high strike rate of cannons will get the power levels up.

Tactical: Scatter volley and torpedo spread.

Eng: Emergancy power to Shields, Eng team and I can't remember if I can fit a Rotate Shield polarity in there or not (too many ships to remeber exactly).

Sci: Gravity Well 1 and 3, Tractor beam 3 (Might look at dropping that for something else), all the lower powers are assorted heals such as TSS and Hazard emitters.

Only Boff I can remember off the top of my head is the Purple Gravmetric one. Think I have a tech as well.
I'm looking forward to the Fleet version as well.