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12-08-2012, 10:00 AM
I'm not going to criticize this new incarnation of Trek anymore, it's pointless, so now I'm going to try to understand the new storyline.
I'm not inclined to think it's Khan, it's too soon in the era, he hasn't been found yet nor exiled to the Seti-Alpha system, so reasons for revenge aren't there yet, plus he's never alone, he always has his cadre of augments around him. We see Klingons and we see one man.
Gary Mitchell was Kirk's friend and doesn't become a danger until he's exposed to that mutating energy while on the Enterprise, then he develops psychic powers, this new enemy we see may be very strong but it doesn't appear that he's tossing people around with his mind.
I never liked Enterprise so I don't know much about what occurred in that show, could this new enemy have ties to something that happened in that series? I know that Klingons supposedly messed with human augments in the series the result being the Klingons with human features that we see in TOS. Could this villain be a Klingon augment?
The era is right, we know that Klingons look like humans in this time period and some may be ashamed of their human appearance so wear facial armor that has the bony crests that Klingons currently lack.

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