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Seems redundant to give us a weapon we can only use 35 days out of the 365.25 days in a year?

They should still deal massive damage to snowmen but add weapon stats when outside the wonderland.

Flurry should do
40 damage per hitx3
and the secondary should be
50 per hit

Avalance should be
120 per hit
With a 2% chance to knockback target 5ft
secondary should be 340
with a 5% chance to Knockback all targets 10ft

They should both have 8% chance to CritH
And 20% CritD
With a 2.5% chance to proc "Cold"

Cold Debuff:
Decrease CritH by 2% for 5s
Decrease CritD by 10% for 5s
Decrease Cold Resist by 30% for 5s
Slow Movement speed by 20% for 5s
Put out plasma fires.

And Borg cant adapt