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12-08-2012, 12:56 PM
Something people need to be willing to do is keep an eye out for AFKers/leechers early on, and if they dont help when asked, DO NOT keep doing the stf with 4 people just to help the leecher get his free loot. Yes, you have to be willing to let the STF fail and give up your loot, but if everyone does this it will discourage leechers.

In CSE if there is AFKer, rather then work harder by doing STF with 4 people and give the leecher his free loot, I will blow a cube or let BOP through and let Kang die so STF is ended and I can leave without penalty. In KASE I will just let probes through. In ISE just sit there/go AFK for about 15 min and leave without penalty, tell others in the group they need to do this to because if not they will have to 3 man it. Everyone needs to do this instead of helping leechers. I never have and never will pass a pug STF with a leecher in the group.

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