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Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
Only got "fastcard" in Hawaii... both at Gamestop and Walmart.. guess I lose out this time..
If you read on the back of a lot of prepaid cards (from most any provider, not just PWE), it says "powered by FastCard". UGC cards say "Ultimate Game Card" on the front and are usually red.

Not sure if GameStop carries them, I know CVS does. Walmart usually does but your store may not.

As for "the world is a lot bigger than the United States", I'm sure the folks over at Ultimate Game Card are aware of that, but UGC may not be available in your area. The reason for the promo is that they're paying PWE extra money to cover the cost of the bonus ZEN. (Yes, I'm aware that ZEN has no inherent cash value per se, but do you really think that PWE is gonna just give free ZEN without getting something for it?)

FYI: Just checked the billing options page. UGC is only available in the US and Canada. Same holds true for PWE prepaid cards. PWE doesn't usually have promos for prepaid cards, though--and it's likely for that reason.
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