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# 1 The Specialists (FED)
12-08-2012, 02:46 PM
The Specialists are actively recruiting new members.

We are primarily an end game content fleet but are more than willing to accept and aid lower level players.

Fleet provision access and permissions are based on a merit system. You contribute and you gain more access, this is sadly the only way we can keep it fair for all members after a former member blew through a large chunk of ENG Provisions.

Special permissions are granted on a case by case basis when needed.

Feel free to contact Myself or any member of the fleet with any questions, or ask here and we will reply when we are able.

CUrrent Stats:

Starbase Tier 2
Shipyards Tier 2
Replicator 2 (Or fairly close)
Comm/Transwarp 1 (We're currently focusing on Tac and Eng projects.)


Ships: 100+
Eng gear: 97
Sci: 100+

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