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It's too bad so many people complain about the event.[/color][/b] Yes, there is some difficulty, but with some effort/practice, it really is doable. This is supposed to be a game, it's supposed require some investment on the player's part to accomplish the act of "winning" and thereby being awarded a prize.

Personally, I'm very happy with the way Cryptic has set up this year's Event. For one thing there really is more of an Event feel to it. I think because there is more than just the single daily race. There are multiple things to do, more than just a the solo race. There's the group race that can be done 4 (?) times an hour as often as you want, there's the awesome snowman fight twice an hour, there's snowpile farming if you want some mind numbing button pressing, there's exploration (accolades), RP fun, ice skating (the new animations are sweet!), creature transformation, snowballing, DOff missions, etc. Not to mention the look of the Wonderland, truely is wonderful!

And if you want to. Purely optionally, you can spend dilithium ("time currency") or real life money, and buy Cryptic products which give you an advance of goodies. You do not have to. Sure, people will spend money (I've already seen a few Breen ships in play!), and I'm certain they're happy to receive it, but Cryptic is a business. It's ok! Let the game make some money. For those who say they pressure you - Think about this - They also make it easier to not spend money - by unlocking the Holiday Collectibles, the Wonderland zone chat is full of buy/sell/trade offers - You can get anything you want for free (some effort, notwithstanding)!



Criticize when it's DESERVED, THEY don't deserve it NOW, with this event.

This year you can get all the holiday goodies for FREE for a little bit of effort and time , or if you want to speed things up, spend some cash, but it's NOT necessary.

We wanted more to do in the winter event, WE'VE GOT LOTS of fun things to do this year.

The map is beautiful, like a virtual Christmas card. I only wish that we could have a night map too, all lit up holiday like, maybe next year

This is a HUGE improvement over the past years and it shows that they are REALLY listening !
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Wasn't there supposed to be a game one played for entertainment in here someplace?