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Poisoning grain while disguised as a human, assassinating a leader because he wasn't favoring Klingons in negotiations, oh and lets not leave out rounding up pacifist Organians by the hundreds and executing them if they didn't obey Klingon occupation forces. Yah lots of courage and honor in that.
No, Klingons were made to be the stereotype evil bad guys in the TOS era. There is no comparison between Klingons in the TOS era and Klingons later.
But then this is the 60s we're talking about and that time was really messed up, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile crisis, anti-communist paranoia, Vietnam, oh yes the evil communists, they're hiding around every corner conniving a way to steal your freedom, oh yes duck and cover, hide under your school desk to be safe from a nuclear bomb strike, stupidity on a mind boggling scale, the Cold War was just so much fun.
By the time TNG rolled around the Klingons were completely re-invented.

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