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12-08-2012, 04:29 PM
Remember "A Matter of Honor" (TNG S2 E8) where Riker becomes First Officer on a Klingon ship?
He fought and defeated a Klingon to earn his rank.

I do not believe that Klingons are physically superior to Humans.
One aspect is that they are usually taller and bulkier than Humans, so that gives them an advantage.
Second, they (the warriors) are well trained and very (VERY) determined.
That makes them formidable opponents. It can also be that they are more resilient to pain and injury than Humans. Their culture allows them to be versatile in a fight, more determined and also (very important) not fear death. This means that a Klingon would take more risks than his opponent.
All these things combined make the Klingons overall fierce warriors, but it is more related to their culture and way of life rather than their physical abilities.
That's just my opinion.

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