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No, watch the episode. Sisko mentions in the episode that he lost in a wrestling match to that Vulcan, and then Cassidy states "Well, what do you expect? Vulcans have three times the strength of a human" Then when they play baseball and he says that he says Worf is either faster or stronger, he's probably talking about strength, since that's what Klingons boast about

See, you're missing the point, if Worf was tough he wouldn't get beaten up so often, his wrist broken by Troi(under possession, but it was her technique, not strength that broke it), Pwed by Roga Danar, thrown around by a Borg drone, knocked out by the admiral in conspiracy, etc. When he actually fights and gets Pwned then we can say he really isn't that good. The only fights I remember him winning were against other Klingons, in combat, when he killed Duras and Gowron

Worf was pretty much Mr Badass of the universe in hand to hand combat by the end of DS9.