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12-08-2012, 06:43 PM
I would say the turn rate and speeds of ships now already show their attention to inertial stresses. Though it does raise an interesting idea- can we fly a ship apart? It'd be neat bonus to mobility in emergencies.

But imagine how three dimensions could change fighting mechanics. Shields would have six sides minimum for the dorsal and ventral in addition to fore/aft starboard/port. And thats hard to depict in a two dimensional plane- like from looking at the side of ships or the circular shield indicator in the target viewer.
Not adding dorsal and ventral shields would mean that turning your ship topside would effectively make shield mitigation automatic because you'd be dividing damage between all four simultaniously- and thats not realistically viable.

Also weapons would have to be targeted more conically because you'd have completely independently usable fore, aft, left, right, dorsal, and ventral weapons.
Not doing so would make turning your ship upside down a meaningless cosmetic detail as opposed to a strategic maneuver.
But this could satisfy the broadside cannon wish of many players.

And people so tired of the linearity of the game need to join a role play fleet (call me, I've got one).
There's no way that a game like this is going to be able to open up enough randomized experience and cover enough reaction possibilities to make it character driven.
If thats what's really important to you, role play with similarly minded individuals is the best bet.

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