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# 1 A KDF Christmas Song.
12-08-2012, 06:09 PM
* sung to Jingle Bells *

Sneaking through the snow.
BranFlakes will surely pay.
Pelting him with snowballs.
Laughing as I beam away!

Watching them run and hide.
Because I'm shooting holes in the Breen.
Thank goodness for Targ fur ear muffs.
Now I don't have to hear them scream!

Oh, KDF bells, KDF bells. KDF bells all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to be a Gorn and blowing the FED's away!
Oh, KDF bells, KDF bells, shooting torpedo's all the day.
Oh, what fun it to chase the Dev's in a one Romulan open slay!

Went looking for a Christmas date.
Walking through the High Council hall's.
One lame pick up line to a cute Orion girl.
And she punched me in the snowballs.

Jumping out of bed.
Beaming down to DS9.
Entering Quarks, grabbing a bar stool.
And get smashed with Morn on Christmas Blood Wine!

Oh, KDF bells, KDF bells, shooting at the FED's.
Oh, what fun it is to see them cower underneath their beds!
Oh, KDF bells, KDF bells, KDF bells all the way.
The song ends now because I have run out of!

* kicks a Tribble into a airlock *

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