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12-08-2012, 06:15 PM
PUG on Khitomer space last night. I take left side and kill the Probes while everyone else goes right, and after a minute this Patrol Escort comes over and starts attacking generators, then goes after the next set of Probes that spawns and practically instagibs them with CRF/TS so I shrug and join the rest of the people on the right side. Good thing I did because the guy in the beamboat Escort that was on Probe duty on the right couldn't handle them, and I finished off the last 2 before they hit the portal. I kill the next set of Probes too, then notice the guy in the Escort that had taken over the left side had wandered over to the right so I hit evasive and zoom over toward the portal just in time to see 3 Probes going through it from the left. "So much for the optional" I thought. I went back to the left side to do Probe duty since the guy in the Patrol Escort abandoned it, and the beamboat Escort is still unable to handle the Probes from the right and nobody would help him, so eventually we failed because I couldn't watch both sides at the same time and the people on the right were either ignoring the Probes (Patrol Escort) useless (beamboat Escort) or somehow dying constantly (everyone else).

And this was on normal, not elite.