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12-08-2012, 08:30 PM
Shields could stay just the way they are now without complicating things by adding two more sides, the game is not 2 dimensional, it's 3 dimensional and only feels like the former because of a number in a file limiting pitch angles. A ship above you shooting down at you hits on what appears to be a dorsal area but actually reads as damage to one of the existing quadrants depending on where the hit lands, the ship is enclosed in a ovoid sphere that is divided into 4 quadrants, nothing there needs to be changed. Larger ships would not benefit too much because of poor turning, but more maneuverable ships like shuttle, fighters, escorts and bops should have no such limitations. In First Contact there is an excellent scene showing Akiras and Steamrunners doing barrel rolls and immelmanns wheeling around to get a bead on the Borg cube. there is no reason why that kind of maneuverability can't be in this game, the engine will support it.