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12-08-2012, 08:57 PM
You can claim to be Q himself for all it matters in this forum, the fact is Developers rarely respond to these forums even if they actually read them and the whole idea of bridge navigation has been discussed ad nauseum. Bridge/interior maps can be shared, which creates unique problems for isolating controls to the ships owner, it can be done, but not without radical redesign of the game client. What I've been repeating is what the developers have said in their blogs and the few miraculous times they actually post here, that bridge navigation can't be done, so deriding me for relaying what we've been repeatedly told accomplishes exactly zilch.
Too many time we read of players familiar with a different game coming in here asking for this game to be changed to what they are familiar with, I'm guilty of that myself, looking at a Volkswagon and expecting a Ferrari, the game is what it is, WYSIWYG.
There is no such thing as a perfect program, especially in the gaming venue, but if you have specific data or suggestions that can help them do their jobs you would be better advised to contact them directly than posting a novella in the forum that nobody here can do anything about.

Welcome to the forums, have a nice stay.

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