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12-08-2012, 10:02 PM
Hey Drunk, I had a thought: there hasn't really been any mention of the Assault Cruiser Refit in this guide. As much as I am now a believer in the Excelsior's capabilities as the best Battlecruiser that Feds will ever get, there is bound to be a PVP'er that wants a Tac Cruiser, but hates the look of the Excelsior, and is a Sovvy fanboy.

So here's my ideas for an Assault Cruiser Refit that can meet these demands:

Ship: Regent Assault Cruiser Refit

Weapons: 4 single cannons, 4 turrets

TB1, HE2

3 Energy Weapon consoles (4 for Fleet Version)
2 RCS Accelerators, 1 Neutronium, Borg
Either 2 Flow Caps or 2 Particle Generators

Engine: Omega
Deflector: Omega
Shield: Maco

Doffs: 3 Technician Doffs, 2 BFI Doffs

Though it won't turn as smoothly as the Excelsior, I believe this ship could possibly be the equal of it's smaller and quicker cousin, dealing out just as much damage and being just as durable. The dual Aux to Battery makes it so that you will have plenty of power to your systems, except for Auxiliary. Though you pump out HE twice as quick, you aren't that good at the healing role. So bring Aux batteries with you in every fight.

With this ship, more so than the Excelsior, you are going to be making use of that Tractor Beam to slow people down while you shoot them up. Or You can switch out DEM3 for Eject Warp Plasma with two Particle Generators for snaring ability. It can even provide a good portion of your damage capability.

I dunno how well Meteron Gas would go with this build, so I hope Drunk can provide some insight into my idea. I was thinking of using Plasma Cannons and Turrets because according to what I hear, plasma consoles help improve the damage of the Meteron Gas along with Particle Generators

The one strength this build has over the Excelsior is the twin Tac Teams for full coverage in that area

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