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Originally Posted by dwadsdwad View Post
Meh you are confusing me...

I really dislike off-topic, off-genre and inappropriate emotes. It ruins the immersion and makes whatever the game it is seem like its not taking itself seriously.

I can see this particular emote doing well on something like hello kitty online but should it be part of Trek? No.

I think there are far more better and appropriate emotes to add before something like this at the very least.
Immersion in this game? Seriousness? You must jest. There is more shoot first talk second in this game then TOS. There is no true immersive part of this game. The shoot them up take in this game was not the basis of star trek. Every situation in this gfame except for one part where you choose a ferengi's fate ( you all know you shoot her.. Dont even try saying otherwise you fkn liers lol). The level of exploration and contact with new species is rediculous and most of the time instead of diplomacy is finished with a torp spread. There is more combat in sto then JJ TREK.

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