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Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
2 ENS Tac Teams are super-redundant with Aux2Bat ships that all in for cannons, mix with having a lower turn rate than the Excelsior and more vulnerability to VM c/o not having a rogue ET on hand you're basically a worse Excelsior. I think if wanted to run it as an Aux2Bat ship, 7 arrays and the WA Torp for torp spread goodness with EWP or DEM would be pretty doable as a spam clearer. Something like FAW1 / Spread 2 / AP 2 and a TT1 on the rogue ENS Tac station. If Beta 2 weren't so likely to come up worthless, it'd be pretty spiffy as well as practically everything would have it painted on it all the time.

The Metreon Console is basically a worse EWP, it does no real damage until detonated, doesn't stick with the target once they clear it, and gets its zone denial cleared by stray gunfire.

JM2c as a (former) owner of the Regent.
Hmmm, good points you have brought up. It does make me sad though. As much as I love my Fleet Excelsior and how the old girl can still turn ships into scrap metal, I am disappointed that the Regent is playing second fiddle to it.

If it wasn't for that, I would of been using the damn thing. But as of now, if I do get the Regent, I would only use it as an alternate when I feel a need of a change of pace from my Excelsior.

If I were to change the setup I put up, I would likely replace the cannon with the Wide Angle Torpedo and use Torp Spread 1