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Also, your nettest is extremely spotty on many ports. A hardware reset might clear that up, if you get those same nettest results after a full hardware reset/power cycle, a talk with your ISP may be in order.
I'm pretty confident that it's not my hardware. Mostly because STO is the only game where I'm having this issue. I've been playing a number of other online games today (since STO is virtually unplayable) and have not been having any lag issues in any of them, it's just STO.

If you installed via the website (as opposed to having had a boxed copy of the game some time ago), make sure PMB is not installed/not running on your PC. PMB runs as a limited P2P client, and will allow other users to download the STO installer from your PC, as well as any other game installer that utilizes PMB for downloading, which will in turn eat up bandwidth like Pac-Man eating pellets.
I'll check and disable it on principle but see above comments regarding other games.

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And for the sake of security, hide your local IP in your nettest results....
Fair enough, mind not quoting it then?

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