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Originally Posted by adeonhawkwood View Post
I'm pretty confident that it's not my hardware. Mostly because STO is the only game where I'm having this issue. I've been playing a number of other online games today (since STO is virtually unplayable) and have not been having any lag issues in any of them, it's just STO.

I'll check and disable it on principle but see above comments regarding other games.

Fair enough, mind not quoting it then?
Other games aren't nearly as network intensive as STO.

At any rate, those nettest numbers shouldn't be all over the place like that. Those numbers may not be the fault of your hardware, and it's at least worth a call to your ISP to find out why they're nowhere near consistent.

I've edited the IP addresses out of my quotes, but my statement still stands about other users remembering to block out their local IP when they post their nettest results.
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