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i got this email from this company, saying test weekend for gold texted tribble pet.

so i went to play on test today, it was ghost town, not a soul in sight, was told to play for an hour to get qualified for super rare one-time tribble.

then went back on live server, and i got nothing, and i asked around in /chats, and found out that i was 2 weeks too late.
i was mystified and went back to look up my email, i misunderstood and it was given me an outdated event.
there was no date until i browse PWE's event annoincements was few weeks old.

anyway, i tried Q's wonderland of winter, i had to back out from the steps as many snowmen was throwing snowballs, safe in that gazebo, but not safe once on the steps, none of my weapons or skills would keep me alive, forcing me to retreat.

that is no way or impossible for me to explore.

PWE, you need to be update for folks who been away for weeks or few months.
that seem rude to post email on event that was expired and to get nothing for it.