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12-09-2012, 01:29 AM
Yes well speaking from just trading my old junky Odyessy to an escort is the right choice for the game as it stands. The cruisers lack all around when it comes to STF's. Since death really isn't an issue (cause the cruiser can last a wee bit longer, but the speed of the return of the escort back into combat more than compensates the loss in time from a death). The cruiser lumbers into combat and puts up its dukes, but its like Kangaroo only allowed to use its arms to fight, small and not much punch behind them.

I started to notice it when back in season 6 i'd regularly get 1st - 3rd in an STF, but something happened in S7. The rules of the match or something has changed, now i'm lucky to pull out 3rd place. But purchased a fleet escort today and did 9 STF's and placed 1st 5 times, 2nd 4 times and 1 time third. The difference to me is quite obvious, The cruiser is now a joke a big iconic joke that kind of offends a Star Trek fan. I could care less about PvP (since Ultima Online ruined MMO pvp for me) but from what i hear that if you aren't in an escort in pvp you're more than likely just gonna die A LOT.

Kind of silly for PW to just pardon the expression take a big dump on the cruiser like they have, cause I for one would love to fly around in my Odyessy cruiser but cause i actually want to have a chance to place in STF's there is no chance for me to do this. Sorry PW until you make Cruiser's viable again I will not buy them, nor waste my time with events to get a special Cruiser...just isn't worth the effort for a ship that is only 1/4th as good as an Escort.