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12-09-2012, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by raphezir1pw0 View Post
As I said before: If it were so hard to define the line there wouldn't be a communtiy complaining about only a few fleets.
And I'm not going to make PVP anything. I'm not braindead enough to play STO PVP and crawl through craptics crap anymore.
I dunno, I don't seem to have that many problems in Ker'rat. . .even when outnumbered, I can usually devise ways to outwit the feddies that are using broken/overpowered stuff. I've blown up my fair share of Vestas, Wells, and other 'snazzy' gimmick ships, and I've done it in my Hegh'ta. I'll be blowing up Breen ships before long.

Then again, a lot of PvPers seem to shun Ker'rat. I'd say they're missing out, tbh.