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12-09-2012, 01:01 AM
Updated to include some corrections and the addition of the Chel Grett.

Originally Posted by deathomight View Post
A few things:

The right handside (cstore) Heavy Escort Carrier (akira) should have 2 not 3 science consoles. Should also mention +15 weapon power, noticed when compared to the steamrunner next to it. (a bunch of other ships are missing the + power)

Next on the left, the tier 3 Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit (the improved version of the two novas) has the wrong bridge officer layout.
Sto Wiki says; Tac 3, Eng 2, Sci 4, Sci 2, Sci 1
Both versions of the nova have 14 turn rate instead of 15.

Something else that might want to include on all the ships is the impulse modifier...

Final wish, any chance of putting the lock box ships up?

Anyhow Great Work! Keep it up!
Thanks for that. Very much appreciated.

According to the ingame requisition screen it seems the fleet store Novas have 15 turn rate. I don't actually own one so I can't verify. If someone can, that would be excellent, as requisitions might be wrong.

The power layouts on the fleet ships are there because they are sorted by tier, and not by type. In the VA section the typical power layouts are in the title block on the left. Only where it varies have I added the ships power layout, except for the Vesta variants because they don't seem to follow the normal rules. I've actually taken the layout off the Steamrunner, as it was added in error.

Okay, this is where my chart gets political... I haven't added the lock box or lobi ships on purpose. I only wanted to add ships that were reasonably obtainable. Some may disagree with that, and it might be my undoing, but it's a choice I've made and plan on sticking to for as long as I continue doing this. I've only added the Chel Grett as it's basically free.

I might add the impulse modifier at some point. I should probably have done that to begin with.

Many thanks again, for yours and everyone elses comments.

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