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12-09-2012, 02:17 AM

Typing that usually gets around forum character limitations, because the hard return to type that line counts as a character.

Anyway....this probably belongs in PC/Tech issues, but...try running traceroutes and a least it'll show if your connection is going bonkers and where any laggy spots may be en route to the server.

Also, because there may not be some people aware of this, make sure PMB is not running on your PC while you're playing. This is because PMB acts like a P2P client and if it's running and you happen to have the STO installer (obviously this would not apply to people who either played prior to F2P, have a boxed version, or DLed the game from steam) or any other game's installer which utilizes PMB, it's uploading in the background while you're playing and this can eat up bandwidth and cause lag/connection issues (this, I know from experience -.-)
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