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12-09-2012, 02:42 AM
It is sad to say that discussions like this have happened for more than a year, if not two years now.

I am afraid there will never be a real, working player-driven solution for th e problem of cheese console powers and stuff like that. You can get it done for a tournament (but expect some crying and conflicts about why something is considered cheese and what makes the tournament organizer so special that he gets to set the rules and "you only won because you had rules that favoured your team"), but for the general queues, it seems to have never worked out, and I see no reason to believe it will.

As long as Cryptic isn't willing or able to offer tools to regulate this, there will never be a real solution, and new conflicts will flare up again and again.

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You picked the worst possible examples. Both Defiant and Intrepid are free ships via the VA token.
Do you still get that token as F2P player?

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