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# 1 When I see...
12-09-2012, 02:44 AM
...someone from these PvP forums over Ker'rat, or in a que'd match, it's good.

When I see someone from a BIG PvP fleet, or from the PvP Bootcamp in an Arena (as I did the other night), it's REALLY good.

When I see a "Name" player on the other side, I know this is going to be an awesome match, and I'll probably die a lot...and I' don't care about that, I know the fight will be a lot of fun.

I keep seeing these "accords" threads, or fleets taking up sides on the "P2W" and other issues, ranting and arguing...and it's not so good.

The hours I get to play are "Late" for most of you-hell, they're late for ME, I work 2nd shift and get home around midnight my time, so seeing "name" players from "name" fleets in Ker'rat, or getting ANY kind of que to pop, is a rarity for me.

I have a suggestion though-instead of trying to regulate the GEAR, howsabout instead the major PvP teams and fleets put together a code of CONDUCT and publicize it-an "Ettiquette" for PvP, a set of social rules that explain what is, and is not, acceptable BEHAVIOUR, instead of gear.

Little things, like congratulating the other team when they win, instead of warping out in a huff as soon as the match is ended, and being a gracious winner if that's what your team did.

The place to "talk Trash" is either on the forums away from a match, or BEFORE the match. Afterward, maybe a little bit of social behaviour and such being encouraged is a good idea? Instead of shouting "HAAAXXXX" when you lose, maybe stopping to talk tactics and builds with the guy who just creamed you is in order-we who PvP by choice (instead of just to rak up dilithium) are a minority, the ones willing to do so even in the face of Cryptic's neglect of this aspect of the game even moreso, we'll never get anywhere with the rest of the game if they see us as ranting children or chest-thumping morons.

MOST of the PvP community seems to understand this implicitly, but there are exceptions that maybe should wake up and realize the game is not benefitting when they put out a douchebag impression...
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