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# 3 Way too steep...
12-09-2012, 04:13 AM
It has become a ripoff to trade up doffs... Costing the Doffs AND and outrageously high amount of Dilithium to upgrade them... I'm done playing the trading game and I used to do it all the time... It's a better deal to just retire Doffs you don't like anymore.

I think Cryptic thinks there is too much Dilithium in the game and are going too far to try to get rid of some of it, but in this case, All they are going to do is cut down on the Doff activity... The Personel officers used to have crowds around them... Not anymore.

I thought they were expensive before, but within reason, and unless the price goes back down to what it was, I'm done playing the trading game.

I'm actually pissed at Cryptic over this one, because it's breaking the part of the game I'm most interested in: Doffs... It was introducing Doffs to the game that got me to play... and liked it enough to go lifetime, but at this point, Cryptic is back in my "Won't see another penny of mine" department for this... I am actually losing interest in playing with some of the recent negative changes... This is just on the top of the list.