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12-09-2012, 03:39 AM
There are a few things they could do with relative ease for cruisers based more around the weaponry aspect to make it easier for cruisers to be more noticed in STFs etc, even my fleet excelsior barely sits above a well built Wells class for damage output.

1: Give beam arrays a 10% dmg buff, it's not much in the grand scheme of things and escorts will still easily outperform it in their current state.

2: It is logical to assume that people would have made beam arrays quite efficient, let's face it, for most ships in the trek universe they are the weapon of choice, so bring the drain down to 7/8 making it easier to hold up a broadside. Again, escorts wouldn't feel this much as the current system makes 3 DHCs = 6 Beams.

3: Change beam buffs around a little
- Make Beam Overload affect all beams for 50% extra damage on all beams for X seconds with 50% extra power drain per beam for the same duration, this would make a broadside dangerous for a few seconds and makes weapon batteries and EPS power transfer all the more useful on broadside cruisers, it would also be more sustainable tan the current version while likely putting out more damage than the current version if managed properly.
- Beam Fire At Will... Make it work with accuracy mods again otherwise I'd say it's fine.

4: Give some cruisers a movement buff, realistically a cruiser should get moving and stop in exactly the same time as an escort using the same equipment as cruiser engines and other related systems will be more powerful to compensate for size.