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12-09-2012, 05:01 AM
I can't remember the last time I joined a queue or went to Ker'rat. It probably seems longer than it was because of all the tedious Rep grind...meh.

That being said, before that - it was a very rare match that I found myself saying GG. If anything, I was more likely to apologize to the other side than offer a GG...

...say what?

Was it because our PUG team destroyed them? Nope, lol - nothing like that.

It was just very rare that one of the four things was not taking place:

They had an AFKer or even more than one.
We had an AFKer or even more than one.
Somebody on their team was spamming cheese.
Somebody on our team was spamming cheese.

If they had AFKers or somebody on our team was spamming cheese, well - if I was going to say anything, it would be to apologize.

If we had AFKers or somebody on their team was spamming cheese, well - I wouldn't say anything (unless they started bragging, at which point I would describe anatomically impossible physical acts between farm animals and the female members of their family).

I think the only reason that I continued to queue as long as I did, was for those very rare good games - they're a blast, the most fun to be had in STO.

The amount of cheese, bugs, imbalance, AFKers, etc, etc, etc - just got to be too much.

As awesome as any discussions about Etiquette, gear usage, etc, etc, etc may be... it won't fix any of those potential issues.

PUGland is Hell, and it's only going to get worse.

Those discussions though, the Boot Camp stuff, the league stuff, etc, etc, etc - with private matches where everybody's on board with everything... that could be a most particularly awesome experience for those that enjoy PvP in STO...

...outside of that, it's a lost cause.