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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
Only wimps use weapons in PVP, real men RAM anything they see.
Sci Captain (for subnuke)


No weapons.

Consoles: Graviton, Impulse Cell, Jumper

DOFFs: TBO (TBR/Eng Drain), SO (Dmg Debuff), HSO (Dmg Resist), DCE (EPt Recharge), Conn (EM)

Deflector: Grav w/+Grav
Engine: Borg (Tuff got a tail!)
Shield: None

Power: 25 Wep/25 Shield/50 Eng/100 Aux

  1. Approach.
  2. Graviton.
  3. Jump.
  4. Repulsors.
  5. Subnuke APO/PH.
  6. Impulse.
  7. Scan and Ram when available.
  8. Lol.

EPtE and PH are for maneuvering into position and staying on target.
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