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12-09-2012, 05:12 AM
While I love the idea of this Tribble, the Fleet Tribble and the Radon tribble in theory, in practice the fact is that I'm going to forget to pet them, and if you did some data mining you'd probably find that the majority of players with these tribbles under-utilize them. One thing that would help with that would be adding the "Use" option to the tribble's right-click pop-up so they could be activated from inventory while in space (even if doing this just gave the marks or dilithium and didn't confer the BUFF).

If you really wanted to turn this reward from disappointment to jubilation, you could add an "auto-pet" feature, where captains would auto-pet the tribble when logging in (the way we auto-refine dilithium) if the tribble's cooldown was finished.