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Originally Posted by lewstelamon01 View Post
Wow...and a one post wonder knows so much about computer programming that he can ascertain that it's not a person's computer configuration.

Translation of the above post: "I'm going to make bad press for PWE because even though they've come up with a solution that works for some, they didn't make MY PERSONAL COPY of STO work so I'm going to crap all over their game!!"

Learn about how computers work before posting such threats and drivel, eh? What works for one setup may not work for another, that's why tech support and engineering takes information for those that aren't working, tries to find a common denominator, then works on a fix for those still having the issue.

If you're still having the issue after the fix, send in a ticket to tech support with your dxdiag and hijackthis logs--pretty much like TS asks everyone else to do. They can't do much for those that it's not working for if they don't have the information to come up with a fix.

PC games don't have magic button solutions. They do, however, have thousands and thousands of lines of code. You try something, if it works, great. If not, you gather data on why it didn't work, and you design another fix. It's not something they can necessarily do at the snap of a finger.

Give them SOME credit: they came up with a partial fix. Just because it didn't fix YOUR issue doesn't mean that you should go and make all sorts of bad press for them.

i am a senior systems engineer with 23 years of experience so i have all the right to post and since i also pay for zen so keep your childish comment to your self

fix my issue its not just me mr half glass's over there have you notice that lots people got the same problem

the point here is pwe and sto need fix the dam problem asap or undo the last patch

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