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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post

You click on join elite STF
A admiral calls you on the comm

Caption your ordered to the Klingon border
Cordinates 341 mark 12 proceed with all haste.

The Borg are here, the fleet is sending all available
Ships . Meet up with the fleet at the tykon nebula
Make Starfleet proud

Hanson out

Now along the way several missions can happen
Rescues, SOS calls, morality missions ect

When you arrive 4 other players arrive too and you 5
Proceed into the STF
Hell no! If I click on Join STF, I want to join an STF, not do some random crap that has nothing to do with it.
In some points, story logic has to give way to comfortable accessibility of content.
If players have to slog through random content in order to get into an STF, STFs will be deader than dead.