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Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
I can honestly Say I see and Talk to Devs alot. They frequent the Test Server Channel not the normal Ones. There may not be alot on the forums supporting Cryptic, But there also are NOT ALOT of the forums HAting on Cryptic, yes theres more hate then Praise. But You can NAME everyone of us on the forums EASILY. We are that few compared to the actual population and thats how it typically Is. But When the bulk of the players complained about DILithium in the Rep system, Look how quick it got added. Was next Patch pretty much. When the Mass of the Players Speak they Move. When the Minority of us Gripe, they do not. Majority Talks, Minority Walks is how it Always is in a MMO. Bulk complaints Are dealt with Over the small ones. If the Glitch is considered Major, It gets Delt with. If its not a Game Breaking issue its put on the large Minor issue pile. Join The Tribble Server if you want to talk to Devs. Not just during "Test Events" but Normally on it. Get involved on the Tribble Forum. The Devs only Get involved in Major Issues and Major issues Take priority over Minor Ones. Honestly. I do Not see A Massive amount of major Game breaking Bugs that would piss me off and I am autistic I am Very Detail orientated. Minor Ones yes, Gods thre are tons. I report them as needed, But unless they are Game Breaking the Devs have better things to do like work on The next Expansion. No matter what people will find fault in the games, No one will ever be happy. For every One Issue they fix Ten more will piss and moan about it. Tribble Forums Will Easily Point that out.
Klingon Players will never be enough, they could Out of no where Hot Drop a Complete level package for level 1-21 and the KDF would not be happy they would just switch to something Else to Piss and Moan About. They could fix all your patches in an emergency patch today, You yourself would say thanks and be on in an hour with a whole list of new issues. That is the MMO Cycle. If you check my Raptr or Xfire Page under shadowmajere, you will see how many Games for the most part when I have it running I have torn threw. That is just when I remember to have it running. I am an Avid member of I get in every Beta test out there and help bug Chase on Multiple Games. Deeming Star Trek The Worst, shows me you have not been around the block. Going by others Responses on the thread. Not many people Arguing for your side. If you want to See and Be involved with Devs, Get on Tribble. Does everything get posted there, No. They keep Secrets to suprise us. Will Alot of ships Get fancy Bridges, No. Not a lot of people go onto there bridges so its not a money maker for them to design it. Ship skins and Bridges made no money which is why some got pulled from the Zen Store. As the Famous Line is " Money Talks, BS walks" Cryptic is a FOR-Profit Company. Content is based upon Players Demands in the Majority and where the profit will be made. If only a Small Minority Complain, then you are NOT the top priority until you gather the villagers in mass. If the game has say 50,000 players ( doubt it) and only 20-100 are on the forums complaining, that means a massive majority are not showing they have issues.
I'm sorry but you're wrong on multiple points here. The mass majority of the players don't bother with the forums because either A) they're lazy and will rely on others to post up problems they're having, B) just don't care, C) believes that cryptic is aware of the issue and it'll just be magically fixed for them one day (which is kinda point A) or yes D) they're not having the problem. But on that one, I will say there can be a bajillion different reasons for that being they don't play that same content or they don't have that same equipment or w/e. Assuming that there's no problem because it doesn't get mentioned just doesn't cut it.

I'm not going to give overlord Stahl a pat on the head because he got dilithium rewards put back in the game. He screwed up, royally and the players lit him up for it. He deserved every bit of flak he got for that. That initial move on his part showed his true colors and the underlying thought behind everything in this game, make more money. I doubt too, it was just the players pissing and moaning over it, I will bet money it was the canceled subs that got his attention. You're right on one thing, though "Money talks". I've said it before and I'll say it again, until craptic and PWE change their attitudes about this game, my wallet will remain closed. It closed long before s7 launched and I'm not about to forgive and forget for this one act.

Additionally, don't assume anything about me personally. I'm not going to divulge my personal history to you or anyone else here in detail but I have played many MMO's in my time and I'm not saying this to try to tout myself as an net nerd expert, but I will say from my experiences, this MMO is severely mismanaged to be a quality game.

The devs don't need to hide on tribble to communicate with us. There's a whole heaping mess of forum here for them to talk to us, especially this one being the feedback forum. I'm not unreasonable, I don't expect a response to every single question or comment that comes up, but damn... show some love to the people that keep you in business.

You know, I think people here would appreciate devs taking the time to sweep through the game and go bug stomping before releasing more content. They don't have to fix them all, but a little effort can go a long way towards making people feel better about this game. The ones that foolishly throw their money into the dil exchange will still be there, but ya know... I have this funny feeling, that even more would come around to giving a lil extra here and there if they thought it was worth it.