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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
you want to see someone defend Cryptic and their bug fixing efforts? Ok.

Go to Carraya and tell me whether or not you see this:

That bug never made it to the live server because I reported it during the tribble testing and it got fixed. That was an easy bug though, all they had to do was edit the backdrop of the map.

So yes, there you have proof that cryptic really does at least try to fix bugs.
I think the issue is that the devs remaining in 'team STO' are predominantly on content and maintenance duties - i.e. artists and scripters.

They have a bunch of tools that were created during the development of CoX, CO, STO and now NW, most likely a small amount of (part time) coding support and... that's it.

Borticus isn't a programmer but he's actively involved in balancing systems and introducing new items and powers which makes me think a lot of this stuff is script/database-driven - hell, that could be the entire 'hook' behind Cryptic's ability to 'rapidly turnaround new MMOs' (I don't have the original marketing fluff but supposedly that's their 'thing').

That's great and all when it works, but if something breaks and you have no clue why it broke (and all you're doing is writing/editing scripts) then really, you need someone that knows the code to look into it.

And I'm not sure STO is important enough as a product any more to have full-time coders on the team - not when Neverwinter is fast becoming a real albatross for Cryptic.

Actually, speaking of Neverwinter, how long has it been in development now? It feels like they've actually been working on it for way longer than STO was before it launched - am I just imagining that?
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