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12-09-2012, 09:19 AM
Personally i can see this thread being a little too full of angry people at the moment. As it stands the game IS playable, but cryptic DOES have a bad habit of pushing out content before it really should be as well as forgetting it shortly after. There are a lot of places where it really shows through and it's broken promises like these that have probably led to Cryptic being so silent about what's going on now.

why it's happening, i don't know, but it would be nice if the forums could get a little direct feedback from the team when issues like this pop up. A great case in point is that a dev mentioned on the forums that the [Borg] proc never really worked as intended, and as far as i know hasn't returned to the thread to discuss it or what will be done about it since. Frankly the silence(in general) does nothing but hurt Cryptic as a whole. I honestly wouldn't mind them pushing out content like they do as long as they went back to it to make it better, either a big patch here and there or multiple small patches on a regular basis.