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Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
I am saddened by the fact that this generation has to use Picard as the Star Trek measuring stick.

When I read "More Batman then Picard" I cringed.

Kirk is a rough and tumble '60s serviceman, Picard is a stuffy professor.

You guys REALLY need to watch TOS.

JJ seems to be remaking TOS which would be awesome because it's mostly not PC.
I am currently rewatching TNG and seasons 1 and 2 are a chore to sit through. I am reminded why I didnt like the series when I first saw it. Patrick Stewart looks like he doesnt want to be there. Any interaction anyone has with Worf is to remind him that he is not only a Klingon warrior but a star fleet officer.
I saw two episodes that almost made me skip over TNG and move on to Voyager.
The first episode was the introduction of the Ferengi. They were supposed to be the big bads of the series and came off as too comical. In the episode the Enterprise is chasing a ferengi ship that has stolen some piece of Federation equipment. They slow down and fire on Enterprise. Bothe Riker and Worf ask to return fire. Picard says no because he doesnt want to seem provocative.
The second episode was from season 2. The crew discovers people frozen from the 20th century. They help them get used to the future. At the same time Enterprise is sent to investigate the disappearance of several outposts along the Romulan neutral zone. They arrive and discover 3-4 bases scooped out of their planets. The Romulans arrive and declare they have the same problem and are now coming back onto the galactic stage after several centuries of keeping to themselves. Both groups go their separate ways after a talk and its the end of the episode....except no one seemed to be bothered that something (the writers said this was supposed to be the Borg) was going around destroying their outposts.