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Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post
A great case in point is that a dev mentioned on the forums that the [Borg] proc never really worked as intended, and as far as i know hasn't returned to the thread to discuss it or what will be done about it since.
Well that's because the response was 'sooo - we traded in lots of Proto Salvage worth a f**kton of Dilithium for weapons which you knew all are along were broken? Are they going to get fixed? Are we going to get compensated?'

And obviously the answer to both those questions was 'no - grind or buy Dilithium for new ones' (once you've unlocked them in the rep store) - Borticus didn't post that of course because of the s**tstorm it would've caused in that thread.

His intentions were good - he wanted people to know that there were more viable alternatives coming, but when people have invested countless hours of play-time into acquiring this stuff, telling them it's broken, it's always been broken and we're not gonna do anything about it isn't exactly going to endear you to them.

Honestly, he'd had been better off saying nothing.
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