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12-09-2012, 09:45 AM
I liek Borticus, i've been a fan of stoked and was sad to see him leave, and as far as i'm concerned he's a good addition to the team. What bothered me though was tossing a borm into an open crowd only to walk away and not deal with the aftermath. I don't demand answers simply because i'm sure he'd get in trouble one way or another as well as i'm glad he did what he did in the first place by letting people know, i would just like feed back from the team. Any thing really to either explain what was being done or even just "hey, we're working on making this right". Even if they just added the ability to trade these things in to the fleet store for either a refund or significant cost reduction for a new weapon.

If you're going to be putting anything in game that requires either time, money, resources, or any combination of the three, it would be nice to either go back and make it work as intended, or to take action to make it right by the people who earned something that didn't really even work,which as stated through out this thread, was a lot.