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1. Fix the Cover. A while back, the shields were nerfed and it was suggested that we learn how to use cover. Fine, but NPC enemies can shoot through walls, mountains of rock, and other supposedly durable structures. But my shots get blocked if there is so much as a shadow in the way, no matter what weapon I have. The game obviously knows where boundaries are, so why cant I hide behind stuff without getting blasted? I dont see how it improves gameplay to be shot by something I cant even see while hiding behind a giant rock.

2. Fix the glue-trap menus. When I get killed, a large percentage of the time it is because I am rooted by accidently wandering too close to some object with a menu. The object can be a drop or some sort of device I am supposed to interact with. In any case, a menu appears and my feet are stuck. Before I can tell the menu what to go do with itself, some bad guys shoot me. The transport pads and portals on Nukara are especially bad for this.

3. Make the dead die. Enemies should just die when they are dead. It takes the NPCS so long to die, I end up shooting at them after they are already dead. Instead of disintegrating or blowing up (which would be COOL!), they take three steps, then go "ooo-arr, ooo-arr, ooo-arr," *FLOP* like some B-movie death scene. As if that wasn't enough, they often shoot me one last time AFTER they are already dead. Speed things up a bit and no more after-death shooting, please.