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12-09-2012, 08:52 AM
if it is too hard or even impossible for you or other people that is one thing, it is certainly doable for people who invest time and brainpower into it.
It is too hard for farming your omega marks, no doubt...but it is NOT impossible hard. It is a mission i would advice to never PUG, but with a grp of capable people that spend some time into informing themselves about tactics and getting the equipment needed, it is just another stf.
knowledge and experiance is the key to this stf. If you do not want to involve yourself that deep into this game you shouldn't expect to clear all endgame content, since it is not made for all players, only for those with enough dedication and time for it.
The mission itself is not even necessary to get to the highend equipment, so no real need for a nerf hammer.
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