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Originally Posted by diotw View Post
There are two versions of the Excelsior, the Tier 3 and the Tier 5. Only the Tier 5 Excelsior counts for the Fleet Module discount, so if you have a Tier 3 version you will have to pay the full amount. The other problem people have found is that if you claimed the ship with old style marks then you have to dismiss it and reclaim it through the C-Store for the game to recognise that it's the right one and give you the discount in Fleet Modules.
Yea i know all that i have the T5 ship and i found all this out after the fact that i had done bought the fleet version, all I want is 4 of my modules back, cause this is cryptics bug and fault , so once again i am asking who else should i contact about this I turned ina GM ticket and still havent heard nothing.