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12-09-2012, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
i remember thats basically what happend after the "tsi funday".

extend shields up until that point was just thought to be aminor annoyance. then when tsi ran a team using it on every ship, it was then said that using extend shields was bad.

but like i said, up until that point it was just an annoyance.

then since that time, every time a funday has been tried that ONE issue is brought up and the thing falls apart.
Just realized the reason you guys bring so much cheese is to go with all this whine...

You guys had a brilliant idea with the extend escort team. What you fail to realize which others have pointed out is that people that put on an event should not also play in that event. If they win the event, **** is almost always going to fly. I was grateful you guys were putting those event together and wish the community would support more fundays, even if you guys play in them. When you win your own event though, please don't be so shocked that people are going to cry foul. Ego will always look for something to blame, and winning the event your running and making rules for makes it so easy to point fingers.